Stationery stores

  • Governmental Stationary Stores are  located at Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Vadodara and they are supplying stationaries at free of cost. 
  • The process of changing name, surname and date of birth and publish in gazette of whole state data, at Government Printing Press rajkot
  • 24 types of stationeries are provided at 995 offices of gandhinagar and ahmedabad, "Sachivalya" and Governor's house. from Governmental Stationary Store.
  • Stationary are provided 2545 offices of 19 districts from Governmental Stationary Store Baroda.
  • Stationary are provided 1485 offices of 12 districts ofrom Governmental Stationary Store Rajkot.
Stationery stores (GR)
Stationery Indent